Drones and Anti Drones Systems

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Drones in Police work are the future of crime fighting.

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We are the early pioneers in UAV Systems in developing various navigational aids and reconnaissance for the Home Land Security and Defence industry. We offer high quality research, training and certification, transcending years of experience in the avionics and unmanned spatial vehicles. This distinguished certification and our experience allows us to provide public and private sector customers with cutting edge unmanned technology that delivers mission critical performance.

We are supporting various Law enforcement Agencies and Defence departments to build successful UAV programs that can save time, resources while minimizing human lives risk. We are specialist of Medium Altitude Long Endurance (MALE) UAVs specifically designed for the services of Surveillance applications of the armed forces.

Our UAV research team enables you to efficiently accomplish a wide range of military and territorial security missions, with range of mission critical applications including clandestine tactical missions to search and rescue operations.

Police and Defence forces across the world are adopting unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for operations as diverse as search and rescue, traffic accident reconstruction, surveillance, traffic monitoring, SWAT response etc.

While UAVs are helping Police Defence operations, our Anti-UAV systems are helping various agencies in keeping the unauthorized UAVs away. Our hardware agnostic specialized technology detects UAVs using multiple technologies – cameras, audio, videos and radio sensors, no UAV can evade detection.

The system protects against intrusion of privacy by unmanned air systems. Our UAV Detection System provides users with a rapidly deployable, scalable, and modular system to detect, locate and identify potential threats using advanced Sensors & Analysis.


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