Remote Sensing

“Sustianble Development through remote sensing

A Picture is worth thousand words. A Satellite image is worth Million Dollars.

We Believe & Do Best

Our Remote Sensing division is instrumental in collecting, processing and analyzing spatial data from satellite, aircraft, drone and ground platforms for global clients in mineral exploration, oil & gas development, and natural resource management. We specialize in the acquisition, analysis and presentation of spatial data including airborne LiDAR, digital imagery, hyperspectral imagery and a host of others mission critical remote sensing applications. We provide solutions to a diverse range of government clients demanding high quality, efficient and cost-effective geospatial information.

We offer end to end solutions in every range of land related activities at surface, subsurface and super surface levels using technology of survey, mapping, image processing and remote sensing. Our other services include: consulting, research and development, education, technology transfer, provision of satellite imagery, landcover maps, satellite based joint venture opportunities. We have the ability to incorporate and merge varying data sets using different remote sensing techniques in the domains of geometrics of data acquisition, processing and data fusion.

One of the important remote sensing application where we extensively featured is mining. Mine operators have to comply with many stringent environmental and safety regulations continuously during their day to day operations. The hyper-spectral and digital imaging data is used by mining enterprises to make near real time decisions relating to mine construction, production outputs, mineral content analysis, environmental pollution and hazard assessment.

We offer end to end consultancy right from the stage of designing the requirements, the design of remote sensing satellites and finally launching of satellites through our partners. These remote sensing satellites have immense applications in the domains of GIS including development of digital elevation models, urban mapping, terrain mapping, underground water resources, forest coverage, inland fisheries, weather forecasting, border control, agriculture mapping, geospatial mapping etc.


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