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Preventing and countering latest attacks and threats for national security

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Our security consulting practices help you on both short-term remediation and long-term strategic planning. Our Security consulting bring deep and broad industry expertise and over two decades of consulting experience to help you build a solid foundation for your strategic security programs.

We establish fully furnished labs for Defense and Law Enforcement Agencies for intelligence gathering, analysis and decision making. The labs include technologies related to Cyber Security, Forensics, Social Media Analytics, IMSI Catchers, Mobile Tower Data Analysis, WiFi Interception, Voice and Video Analytics, Face Recognition, CCTV Analytics, Criminal Data Analytics, Voice Loggers, CDR Analytics, Call Pattern Analysis etc.

Establishing command and control rooms for centralized analysis of data inputs for pro active intelligence and action. Apart from establishing the labs, we deliver comprehensive knowledge of the full range of intelligence gathering techniques and the ability to apply them effectively.

We are also instrumental in establishing various “Cyber Domes” for protecting the critical infrastructure of Law Enforcement Departments. At these “Domes” various advanced threats are researched and detected that helps in cyber crime prevention which otherwise is highly virulent and if not managed in advance can lead to catastrophes.

Our solutions are used to unraveling complex investigations and using cutting edge techniques to achieve high quality results for the clients. Some of the investigations were accomplished on remote locations without the officers physically traveling to those battlefields.

We are the partners for various global law enforcement agencies to engage with to complement their strategic planning and technical innovation. We also build strategies for meeting regulatory frameworks and compliance requirements.


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